Our 6 Week Transformation Challenge is a Weight-loss/Fat Loss challenge. It delivers results in 6 weeks if you stay on with it. It has helped our participants to drop anywhere from 8 - 221 lbs of weight and lose anywhere from3% - 7% body fat. We combine Nutrition , fitness and Accountablity in this unique challenge and take all the guess work away. It is a simple to follow program that can help you transform your body and get you started on the road to a healthier life.

It Includes:

  • 30 classes in 6 weeks

  • Customized Nutrition Guidance with Meal Plans and Recipe books

  • Body Scans using “state of the art” InBody machines for tracking metrics like weight and body fat.

  • Weekly weigh-ins for accountability to see if you are progressing in the right direction

We Run 6 week Challenges 4 times a year only since it requires effort from our end as well yours. We run each and every challenge with a lot of sincerity and hard work. Our challenges have amazing success rate in terms of participants losing weight and body fat. We also cap the challenge at 25 people only per challenge.

If you are interested in the next challenge . Fill out the form here and we shall get back to you with the dates and other details.

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