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Shilpi is the founder of Corebody Pilates Plus. She brings an odd mix of skills to the position – she’s a former engineer who fell in love with Lagree Fitness in 2009 in L.A. Her first class left her sweating, shaking and absolutely hooked! She has over 8 years of experience teaching and practicing Lagree.

In her own words

“The workout was challenging overall yet gentle on my joints. I left that class wanting to come back for more. After researching on the science behind this workout and the incredible benefits it offered, it made me a believer. Within a few short months, I saw incredible changes in my body. A few years later it also helped me drop my post-baby weight, relieve back pain and strengthen my core noticeably. I went ahead with the Lagree certification and decided to open my own studio in 2013 and bring this incredible workout to my community. That’s how Corebody came to fruition.

I believe that fitness should not just be about a short term goal. It is about finding something that we enjoy and continue doing it for the long term. I have found that with Lagree fitness. It’s a low impact , core focused workout that builds long lean muscles. It helps with revving up your metabolism up by activating very deep into your muscles.  It has made me stronger and a fitter version of myself without going for very high impact workouts. I have more energy around my 2 little kids and it positively affects my everyday life. I look forward to meeting you in person and providing you with an amazing experience at Corebody so you can take your fitness to the next level.”

Favorite Exercise: Plank to PIKE



Alona was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her life is dedicated to empowering others. She developed a joy for movement and sports as a young girl by practicing ballet, and later in adolescence as a high school volleyball player. After graduating with a degree in English Literature and Philosophy at San Diego State, she pursued her interest in skincare health and wellness.

She sought to connect with people not only by helping them take better care of their skin, but by creating a deeper change and connection with community, and that is when she discovered her enthusiasm for the Lagree method. Alona has over 10 years’ experience teaching and practicing the Lagree method and has collaborated with Lagree studios as director of training and development. The Lagree method is a practice she believes will truly bring out the best out of the body, mind, and soul. She aspires to give you the strength and confidence to attain your goals not only inside the studio, but in life as well. 



Danielle has been living out her passion for fitness for most of her life. Originally from Chicago,IL she grew up as a technically trained, competitive dancer and even performed as a Luvabull for the NBA Chicago Bulls. She is AFFA certified in group fitness with a background in kickboxing, spin, strength training, barre, and pilates. After moving to San Diego with her husband and three boys she discovered Corebody Pilates Plus and immediately fell in love with the Lagree Fitness Method.

Why are you excited to teach Lagree Fitness?

Danielle has never experienced a workout like this before. A low impact, core-focused, intense, and effective workout that is easy on the joints and creates long lean muscle in just 45 min!!! The best part is that it’s anything but boring! There is an endless amount of safe and effective exercises done to heart pumping music that motivates you and leaves you always coming back for more. She loves how Lagree Fitness focuses heavily on core stabilizing exercises and balance which is so important in preventing injuries and maintaining postural alignment. After every session you will leave with a powerful body resistant to the everyday stresses of work and life!

Her Method of Teaching is Motivating, Upbeat, Challenging and Encouraging! Sign up for her classes today.

Favorite Exercise: Mermaid Crunch 



Debye Castleberry is a California native and mother of four very active boys. Debye fell in love with Pilates several years ago and found that it served as a perfect supplement to her running and soccer routine. The first time she took a Lagree class at CoreBody, she knew she was hooked ‘coz of the new challenge and results she saw with her first few classes . It inspired her to follow her passion and become a certified instructor. As a busy mom, Debye very well understands the need to get the most out of every workout in the shortest amount of time.

She loves that after every class it feels as if she gave her best and conquered the impossible and she is quite excited to share that feeling with others as an instructor.

Favorite Exercise: Dancing Bear

Teaching Style: Encouraging, upbeat and motivated to push you a little further than you thought you could go!



Julia Hennessy is working towards becoming a well-rounded bodyworker equipped with the knowledge that our bodies want to perform at optimum levels. She is committed to the benefits of low impact workouts and sees Lagree Fitness as the perfect total body high intensity workout that’s guaranteed to make you sweat!

She is delighted by the fact that the Lagree method uses slow and controlled movements to fully activate the majority of muscle fibers through the entire body. She brings a noticeable passion for bringing out the best in others with her to each class she teaches, so be sure to sign up for one of her classes!

Teaching Style: Julia likes to make sure that everyone is having fun while working hard. She emphasizes the importance of form to relieve any tension you’re holding onto and to guarantee that you’re working deep into your core.

Favorite Exercise: Super Crunch 



Originally from San Francisco Bay area, Maricel moved to San Diego 10 years ago and loves it here.

I have been into fitness since high school, ran track, did dance, started martial arts at 15 and achieved my first degree black belt when I was 20. Began teaching Cardio kickboxing and body sculpting classes soon after.

After having four kids it was the first time I struggled with weight gain. I tried everything, including kickboxing , classes at the gym , working out on my own , cross fit. Nothing really worked and most of it. Bothered my knees which are an issue from years of martial arts practice.

After my fourth child I just couldn't get the results I wanted and was about to just accept that my body was not going to change. Then I found Corebody. In six months I lost 30 lbs and because it's such a low impact and focuses on muscle strengthening my knee pain is virtually gone!

I love the instructors at Corebody and the classes they offer because it promises results and delivers them fast! All in 45 min which is great for a busy working mom like me! Besides walking my dogs it's the only workout I do. Lagree fitness has changed my life! Now I'm ready to help people reach their goals through teaching Lagree !

My teaching Style - Tough, Encouraging and Fun