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Although Lagree Fitness workouts is at the heart of our training but we also offer other fitness classes like TRX, Row, Bosu, F.I.T (Functional Interval Training) classes. All our classes are 45 minutes long.

It’s not just any studio, it’s a place where we encourage you to break through boundaries and crush your own goals. We celebrate your wins and high-five you for your achievements .

Strong Core. Lean Body. Fearless Mind.

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Tone up on the Megaformer machine. This 45 minute class is our signature Lagree Fitness class that works the entire body and is taught on the Megaformer Machines! It is a core focused, fat burning workout to fun and upbeat music. Classes are designed and taught by certified instructors. The workout is low impact and works every muscle in your body and you’ll feel longer, leaner and tighter at the end of each class. It strengthens your body, improves endurance, flexibility and and jump-starts your metabolism. In addition, this safe and effective workout allows you to stay focused and get the most out of every minute. The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion with minimal risk of injury. Grip Socks are required.

Mega-tone + TRX

Mega TRX combines our signature Mega Tone class with TRX suspension training for a total body workout that is centered on core strength. Each class will have up to 15 minutes on the TRX straps which will utilize gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries, and increasing bone density. 30 minutes of the class time will be performed on the Megaformer machines for a full body workout. Mega TRX is a fun and invigorating workout, no prior TRX suspension training experience is necessary.

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Functional Interval Training class is the perfect combination of heart pumping cardio and strength training to lose weight and body fat. The F.I.T Camp class is designed to be a compliment to our Lagree fitness classes. Hit every muscle group as you burn calories zipping through stations of different fitness equipment from the BOSU to Kettle Bells to Slam Balls to Rowers. Great for all fitness levels. Prepare to sweat and push yourself to the next level! Tennis Shoes are required.

Row + TRX

This class is a unique combination of Rowers and TRX. Burn calories and sculpt muscles in this uniquely motivating, team oriented, total body training circuit class. Fun and low-impact rowing drills and TRX circuits combined equal one of the best cardio and strength workouts around for maximum fat burning. Great for beginners and advanced clients - we're able to modify everything to your level as you sweat! Tennis shoes required.