10 Celebrities Who Love the Lagree Method

There is no doubt that Sebastien Lagree knows what he's doing in - and beyond - the world of Pilates. In fact, not only does he know what he's doing, he's turning the traditional Pilates method on its head! The Lagree Method has been referred to as "Pilates on steroids" - it's fast, efficient and super-effective. So, it's no surprise that celebrities have jumped on the Lagree Method Fitness train!

Here are 10 Celebrities Who Love the Lagree Method:

  1. Sophia Vergara

  2. Courtney Cox

  3. Brooke Burke

  4. Jennifer Aniston

  5. Bob Saget

  6. Vanessa Hudgens

  7. Kim Kardashian

  8. Alessandra Ambrosio

  9. Marcia Cross

  10. Sarah Stage

What sets Sebastien Lagree's method apart from traditional Pilates is the cardio aspect of it. Lagree noticed how many of his clients were hitting the treadmill directly after their Pilates sessions - he thought, I can give you cardio! So he approached engineers about designing an amped up version of a reformer that comes with added bells and whistles to give you an even better workout. A better, more efficient and effective workout.Celebrities are no different than the rest of us in that they want the BEST results in the shortest amount of time. The great thing is that you don't have to be a celebrity to get the body you want.

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