5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pilates for Newbies

Pilates is more than a growing fad of the past decade; it's a proven exercise system that has changed bodies since the 1920's. Traditional Pilates was originally developed to help soldiers returning from war to rehabilitate faster, the core strengthening and spinal aligning health benefits is now practiced by more than 11 million people. Since its inception, there have been a few technological advances to the equipment and the method has been  updated to provide even more results. The Lagree Method of Pilates is a proven system with incredible results - think Pilates on steroids.What can a beginner expect from Lagree Fitness? There are many health benefits of Pilates (on steroids!) for beginners, here are just a few.

Health Benefits of Pilates for Beginners

Increased Height 

Gravity tends to compress our spines as we age, leading to a loss in height. Pilates (and stretching in general) creates a longer, leaner look by loosening the muscles in your chest and strengthening and lengthening the muscles in your back and neck.

Improved Posture

Due to the focus on proper alignment in Pilates, the exercises make you body-and-position-aware. Added are the muscles that are being exercised the most (the muscles of your trunk) are the ones responsible for good posture and Pilates is an effective solution for standing in a more aligned position

Boost in Energy

Pilates stimulates the spine and muscles in your core, and gets your circulation flowing. When your body is engaged and breath is flowing, you tend to become more energetic.

Improved Balance

A number of things happen as we age, including a loss of balance. As you build up your core strength, your balance will naturally become improved.

Increased Brain Function 

Becoming one with your body by way of thinking about how you're moving, helps to create better connections. It's much harder to zone out (like how you can on a treadmill) when you are doing focused exercises. This will, in turn, increase your brain function.Pilates can be adapted to provide a gentle strength training and stability program or a challenging workout for seasoned athletes.

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