6 Ways Lagree Fitness Can Transform Lives

Lagree Fitness is basically pilates on steroids, it takes the regular workout and turns it into a fat burning, carb kicking hour of sweat. And with so many celebrities like, Britney Spears, Ben Stiller and Kim Kardashian jumping on the Lagree train it’s hard to not want a piece of the revolutionary workout.But, what exactly makes the Lagree method so great?

  1. Cardiovascular Endurance: Lagree Fitness keeps your heart rate elevated at a safe level for an extended amount of time. This in turn, increases endurance which allows you to exercise longer and harder.

  2. Muscular Strength: The quickest way to build lean muscle is through resistance training. Lagree is all about using weights, gravity and/or springs to increase muscular strength.

  3. Flexibility: Lagree Fitness promotes healthy flexibility which aids in better posture and alignment, therefore decreasing one’s susceptibility to injury.

  4. Core Strength: Core strength is integral to any exercise. Having a strong core makes you less likely to have lower back pain in life along with preventing other injuries. Lagree Fitness focuses heavily on stabilizing your core through various postures and maintaining good form throughout the workout.

  5. Balance: The postures in Lagree require an intense amount of focus. Whether you’re on one leg or not, during the workout you are always strengthening the muscles required for optimal balance.

  6. Happy Thoughts: Look good, feel good. Having self confidence not only affects the way others see you, but mostly the way you see yourself. When you see results and start losing weight, the negative thoughts tend to fall from your mind.



So come in and give it a try! Your first class is free with the code: “core body.” Sign up HERE.

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