6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge

Ready to look the part this summer?Whether you want to get into that teensy bikini this year, are planning a vacation, or just want to feel more comfortable and confident in shorts and tanks, we want to help you reach your goals!We are kicking off our 6 Week Summer Slim Down ChallengeWhen is it?Monday, April 28th - Sunday June 7thWhat is it?24 POINTS in 6 weeks. Attend 1 Class = 1 PointBring a Friend = 2 PointsAttend a FitCamp = 2 Points

Rack up Points by Referring your friends to the Studio or to the Fitcamp, its that simple. We can track the points from our end, but do let us know when you refer a Friend


1st Prize - $100 Cash Reward + Corebody Hoodie

2nd Prize -$75 Cash Reward + Corebody Tank

reserve your spot

reserve your spot

3rd Prize - 3 Class pack + Toe-Sox ($75 Value)

Did you say Fit Camps? What Fit Camps?

We are introducing FIT CAMPS as part of this Challenge - Think of it as an 

outdoor fitness field trip (50 minutes)

 that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with various forms of interval training and strength training. 

Fit Camp is a great way to challenge your body and reach your goals with your friends and colleagues in a fun, refreshing setting.

As a special bonus for our 


 clients, we will be offering 3 


 outdoor fit camps to be held at local parks.  FitCamps are FREE for 


 who wants to join us so grab your bestie, your spouse or your co-worker and let's get moving!

Bring a Friend = 2 Points

Attend a 


= 2 Points

Rack up Points by Referring your friends to the Studio or to the Fitcamp, its that simple 

Fit Camps Schedule (Weather permitting)

Saturday, May 2



7am Highland Ranch Park.

Click here to RESERVE your Spot

Saturday, May 16


 @ 7am Silverset Park

Click here to RESERVE your spot

Saturday, May  30


@ 7am Scripps Ranch Community Park

Click Here to Reserve your Spot

There are no minimums. You can attend as many as you want. Please Reserve or Cancel eight hours in advance so we can be prepared with any props and stuff we need to bring. Limited spots, grab them before it fills up! 

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