Lagree Fitness... It's Not Just for Women!

It has been touted as "the next evolution in physical fitness,” it'll get your heart pumping, your sweat flowing and can give you nearly instant results. Lagree fitness, a full-body total conditioning workout created by Sebastien Lagree, may have been made popular by super-models and celebrities, but it is perfect for everyone; women, men, young old, beginner to elite athlete.Sebastien Lagree created the his fitness program to be an improvement on the standard Pilates and has been affectionately known as “Pilates on steroids.” Once Lagree started noticing how many of his clients were hitting the treadmill directly after their Pilates sessions. He had a lightbulb moment to develop a Pilates workout that would get his clients heart rate up. He contracted with a few engineers to create a new machine, and Lagree Fitness was born.Click here to read- What is Lagree Fitness?

Lagree Fitness is good for men, too!

Did you notice Ben Stiller's ripped physique when he played a narcissistic action hero in Tropic Thunder? That washboard stomach was courtesy of Lagree and his Pilates Plus workout. Men who incorporate Pilates Plus into their regular fitness routine develop greater core strength, increase flexibility, improve posture and relieve stress. The intense 50-minute workout is a highly effective full-body workout and conditioning system. It builds strength and provides energy.Men- do not be intimidated, get invigorated and treat yourself to an awesome workout this Father's Day! Know a man that could benefit from Lagree Fitness?

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