Strong Core. Lean Body. Fearless Mind.

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the workout

Corebody Pilates Plus offers Lagree Fitness workout on Megaformer machines. Lagree Fitness is a High Intensity , Low Impact , Full body workout focused on core strengthening and fat burn. It’s inspired by Pilates, yet very different from traditional Pilates.

This workout helps you build a Strong Core and Lean Body in a fun and safe environment. The 45 minute classes are set to upbeat music and they fly by quick as you challenge your mind, body and core.


You achieve leaner, toner form — all while sparing your joints and your sanity. That subtle-shake and soreness you'll feel after class is proof that you're getting stronger, more resilient, and fitter — faster.

Who can do Lagree Method at Corebody?

Men and women of all ages and abilities can benefit from this complete workout.

It can be modified to fit your fitness level whether you are just starting out or have been taking Lagree classes for a while.

However we understand that you may have questions about some specific issues, and we are happy to  answer them.

Email us at In some cases we recommend a couple of private sessions before taking on group classes. 

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What to expect at your first class

When you walk in, you will notice we have 2 fitness rooms.

MegaTone classes are taught in the inside room with Megaformer machines.

FitCamp classes are taught in the Front room.

  1. Come in at least 10 minutes before your First class.

  2. Fill in the New client paperwork.

  3. Check in for your class at the front desk iPad and please let the instructor know if this is your first time in the class.

  4. Place your items in the cubbies (each room has its own cubbies).

  5. Grip socks REQUIRED for all MegaTone classes. These can be purchased at the studio.

  6. Tennis Shoes REQUIRED for all FitCamp classes.



m3 megaformer

Classes are taught on the revolutionary M3 Megaformer and focus on slow, resistance-based movements intended to tone, tighten, and strengthen your entire body.